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WEESE Racing


Anti-Bullying Campaign.

9 Years In the Making

In 2011 an inspiration from within, coupled with undeniable perseverance created a community Anti-Bullying Campaign that has grown from a hopeful idea into a blossoming initiative.


2020 will mark the 9th year of the campaign in the Quinte area. The campaign is an ever-evolving platform to provide a voice for those who need support or have been affected by the cause.  



Here's Why

It's often difficult for individuals to lay it all out there for the world to see when they have been hurt or segregated by bullying. Reaching for help can be the hardest step as you already feel alone. As someone who has personally been affected by bullying I can understand their pain. This is exactly the reason for this initiative. By providing a group of inclusion with this campaign it allows everyone to feel like they are a part of something for the better. People support our campaign for many reasons whether they have been affected by bullying, have seen the affects or simply want to use their voice to make a positive change in the world and in their own community. That's the beauty of it! It's not important which of those people you are, as long as you feel included.

Be the change You wish to see in the world

You have a voice, now use it!

Annually, we tell our story through a t-shirt campaign where supporters purchase our Anti-Bullying shirts for $10 each. TEN BUCKS! We have often been told to up the cost, but we refuse. Our campaign is about inclusion and our low price tag allows us to sell hundreds of our shirts each year. 

Every year we change the colour and design of our shirts to keep the campaign alive and fresh. We are slowly covering the rainbow, one year at a time.

The Main event

 We have partnered with Brighton Speedway to form the annual Weese Racing Anti-Bullying night at the speedway located in Brighton, ON. This is our home track, our stomping grounds and core of where our supporters come from. As part of the annual tradition, campaign supporters wear their Anti-Bullying shirts on that day and we all gather on the front stretch of the race track for an impressive crowd picture in our fight against bullying. Our 2020 event date is Saturday, August 22nd.

Be Kind, Every Day! 


order a shirt here

Our 2020 Anti-bullying shirts available for purchase every saturday night a brighton speedway from our Weese racing team trailer in the pits and at the souvenir booth.

about me

Caley Weese here,

I am a true believer that life is what you make of it. You set your own goals and create your own path. When I was 15 years old I knew I wanted to race. I was hardly exposed to racing in general so my new found passion came as quite a surprise for many. With ongoing support from family, friends and sponsors I was able to build the Weese Racing Team. As we enter our 16th race season that passion is still as strong today as the day I started. 

Richard Childress once said, "Once you race, you never forget it and you never get over it". That quote is true for drivers in general. It's hard to explain to an non-racer what that really means. Racing provides a sense of community like no other. I share my time as a racecar driver, racing on the track in the dirt Late Model division and taking part in dozens of community initiatives each season. From day one volunteering in the community in which you reside has always been important to me. My goal is to be a role model and leader on and off the track. 


Say hello.

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